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As you might have noticed particularly if you follow me on instagram I'm quite into boxes, using them as a material to play with but also for putting things in. They seem to be all the rage at the moment so I have developed a extensive series of boxes containing anything from creative materials to play, create and make with, to sculptures or just interesting objects. Some boxes come as a series others are unique. Prices are a little arbitrary but do include a short online conversation/ workshop to go with the purchase. Definitely at the start of this venture so I'd welcome any feedback about the boxes and prices, so do get in touch.

First box in the series was the "Take Home Atelier" creative box developed in partnership with Whitnash Nursery School in response to the Covid-19 Lockdown. Children at WNS were be able to get a box full of creative materials, completely free, that provided a non digital connection with the school and a new stimulus after all that time in lock down. Many other types of boxes have since followed, have a look over in the SHOP to see if you fancy getting creative.

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