I'm planning to start developing a series of creative boxes that I can send out to anyone. My present thinking is that the boxes could contain anything from creative materials to play, create and make with, sculptures or just interesting objects. There might be a few dozen of one type of box or just a single unique box available. 


First box in the series is the "Take Home Atelier" creative box developed in partnership with Whitnash Nursery School in response to the Covid-19 Lockdown. Children at WNS will be able to get a box full of creative materials, completely free, that will provide a non digital connection with the school and provide a new stimulus after all this time in lock down.

The "Take Home Atelier" creative box is available to anyone else too but at a small price. This can be seen as a donation towards the great work that WNS does and covers some of the costs in time and materials in preparing the box. WNS has not received as yet any extra funding in this time of crisis but continues its offer to key workers children at the school and all its children at home in lockdown.

Other boxes will start to be made available so come back to check them out soon. Happy making, creating, playing or just doing!

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